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1. This section is for member feedback only. This is not the place for working out disputes. Just like on ebay, you can respond to feedback but if it gets out of hand the thread will be closed.

2. Before starting a new thread to post feedback, do a SEARCH for the username of the member you want to leave feedback for and make sure that a thread does not already exist. Multiple threads for the same member is unneccessary.

3. After doing a search, if the member's username is not found, then please feel free to start a new feedback thread.

Use a "
" post icon below for positive feedback threads
Use a "
" post icon below for negative feedback threads

4. If you are needing informational feedback on a buyer/seller before purchasing/selling an item and your search results turns up unsuccessful then please feel free to start an informational feedback thread.

Use a "
" post icon below for informational feedback threads

5. This is not the section to post feedback for vendors. The following threads can be used to post feedback for vendors you have dealt with and have had either good or bad experiences with:

Great Vendor Experiences
Bad Vendor Experiences

Please Note: Any transactions that are done from this forum are between the buyer and seller. We are not responsible for bad transactions that could possibly take place. If you have problems contacting a member after a transaction is made and you do not receive the funds/products for the transaction you can contact us and we will try to provide you with as much contact information as we have to get ahold of the member. However, please do not expect us to settle the dispute for you as that is your responsibility.

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