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Hey guys, this is a great forum.

I currently don't own a Tacoma, but I do have a Toyota.
Ive always wanted one since I could think about lifting trucks and whatnot.
what really made me want one. is one day out trailing in my friends K5. I saw this 02-04 taco climb this hill with no sweat, atv were having problems with this hill. of course we didn't try it in the K5.

anyways I own a Corolla at the moment. i currently plan on buying a taco pretty soon.

Im also part of its a neat forum and the people there are nothing but love. should check it out.

just thought i drop in and say hey. cause im a taco fanatic now. esp. pink ones.

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Welcome to TTORA!!

Glad to have another Texan join us. Don't forget to stop by the Texas Chapter's website.
TTORA Texas Chapter - - HERE!!!

Plus, always check out the Search Button and Newbie Tech thread for questions that have been asked before.
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