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Hp 44

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I just picked up a hp 44 out of a f250. I have been comtemplating to cut it down or run full width. I know I am definetly going to a d60 in the rear not for another 3-4 years though. MY question is have any of yall out there with SFA Hp44 run full width with the stock yota 8 out back. If you have could you post a pic or two. Thanks fellas

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I have a HP D44 from a 78 F250 that I will be running as soon as I can get my tax return check so I can finish gearing it. The trick is run the chevy 6 lug outers to include the knuckles. By doing so you keep the 6 lug and only increase the total width by 3 inches from the taco stock 61". Which I plan on using the 1.5" wheel spacers from allpro in the rear to even that out for now. Since I already have the waggy with highsteer. I am going to keep everything from the knuckles out and run them on the HP D44. To do this though you also have to keep the HP Ford inner axle shafts and use the chevy outer axles.
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