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Hp 44

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I just picked up a hp 44 out of a f250. I have been comtemplating to cut it down or run full width. I know I am definetly going to a d60 in the rear not for another 3-4 years though. MY question is have any of yall out there with SFA Hp44 run full width with the stock yota 8 out back. If you have could you post a pic or two. Thanks fellas

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Reckelhoff said:
I just picked up a hp 44 out of a f250
Here's Zac's truck:

If you are thinking of running coilovers or coils, most would say it is easier to keep the axle as wide as it is, for more room to mount brackets.

One consideration if you choose to narrow the housing, and this is something you probably already realize: make sure you find some commonly-available shafts to use that can be combined to fit the width you plan to run. Getting custom shafts everytime you break can and will be expensive.

On a side note:

Is the axle 8-lug?

Just wondering because I am trying to figure out exactly what axle I have sitting in my garage. Seller told me it was from an F-150, then some people on the PBB said it was from an Early Bronco. After referring to this site, I am convinced that I have a '71-'75 F-150 axle. Drum brakes, 5-lug, welded radius arms mounts, bracket for panhard bar.

Personally, my plan is to run coilovers and radius arms, and I want to be as low and wide as possible, so I am keeping the axle at its stock width of around 6 feet hub-to-hub.

BUMP for more input.
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I don't know if you have seen this, but here is the definitive source of Dana 44 information:

It confirms what you say about the Early Bronco or U100 axle. It also adds other axles that were setup for leaf springs.

Really good read.
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