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Hey Guys,

I was planning to do a SAS to my Tacoma but came across an awesome 4Runner which is now my wheeler. Anyways this is what I have colleted and is for sale now:

-Full width driver side drop HP Dana 44 housing from a 1978 F-250-$100
-Right and left flat top knuckles from a 1977 ½ ton chevy that have been cleaned, milled, and drilled for hy-steer w/ grade 8 hardware. Casting # 36519R and 36520L-$250
-A pair of chevy big bearing spindles-$50
-A pair of disk brake brackets-$40
-A pair of 6 Lug top hat hubs-$50
-New dana 44 spindle nut socket-$10

All these parts should be compatible with each other and perfect for anyone who wants to build up a Dana 44 for a 6 lug vehicle. I prefer to sell everything together so the price for everything is 400. I’ll let keep everything together for about 2 weeks unless people have dips on everything. All parts are located in Santa Ana CA.

Also willing to trade for a set of 30 spline longfields.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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