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Since the threads were started on brakes a few days back. the subject has been heavy on my mind (Okay maybe its also due to the fact I am at the point of buying my brake stuff for my SAS!)

But for the last two days, I have been on a quest to find information on Wilwood brakes and brembo brakes. I have also looked up Baer brakes.

I have come up with some main manufacture sites, that vaguely described what I need. But I have not found any distributor sites, nor anyone that can actually tell me exactly what I am looking for! :xcrybaby:

Does anyone have a distributor for these aftermarket braking parts? I don't want to skimp on such a safety item!

don't tell me to do a search either! I have been looking for two days :banghead:

I wish I could figure out how to delete threads I started! I just found what I needed. persistance paid off! :clap:
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