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i feel violated

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some dick broke into my truck last night. luckily i heard my alarm go off and ran outside, almost caught the fucker. he went through the rear sliding xcab window and broke off the latch that locks it shut, reached around and unlocked the door. the alarm tripped and he still tried to jack my shit but i scared him away in time. unfortunately, he ripped out the center piece trying to get my cd player out and ripped off the face plate, stripped some screws and ripped outa bunch of wires including the airbag switch. my shits all fucked up now.

i want to kill somebody
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Bergger said:
It's an after market alarm, a viper, but the magnetic switch was an extra part that should be able to be added to any after market alarm. Not sure if they could add it to the factory alarm or not. I had mine installed at quality auto sound. I've had a few alarms and audio systems from them and they are definitely cheaper than most other shops. At least in the Denver market.
What alarm did you get? Model? What functions does it have? Thanks
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