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I'm hoping someone can get me a measurement.
I need a center to center measurement on the lower control arm adjusters. Front and rear. Center of the bolt if they are the stock in the center location.

Reason, my friend hit something big and hard on the freeway, 4 am and dark. I wasn't there and he doesn't know what it was. It split the skid plate, bent both cross members, exhaust, trans pan, drive shaft and snapped a diff stud. Insurance totaled it. He bought a new truck. He took good care of it and I couldn't see it going to an insurance auction so I bought it and am fixing it. Just have to get it inspected for a salvage title so he can get a check and I get a title (salvaged).

I'm drilling the spot welds and will move the plates out and slot the frame tabs more but it would save me some time to know what to move them to with out reassembling a few times. Right now the truck had 1.5/ 1.4 degrees positive camber with them all the way out. I didn't check caster, toe was good somehow. I assume about 1/4" out but bolt it all back up to see if that's good. A factory center to center on the bolt head would give me a baseline. A few pics of carnage and the bolt.

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