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I found a perfectly good set of IFS 26 spline hubs in Mike's parts pile. I cleaned them up, relubed with semi-synth moly grease, and they are ready to go to a happy new owner.

Note these do not have the star washers that go between the dial face and the hub body. You'll need to get a set or else just use some RTV. The o-ring in the dial face is in fine shape, however.

Asking $100 + Shipping (from 30319) + Paypal fees. Feel free to PM and make an offer. Please take these off my hands so I don't have to put them on eBay!

If you want I can include a baggie with 12 nuts, washers, and cone washers and 2 "gold bolts".

Just FYI someone one YotaTech asked about these already but I've a feeling he may flake out.

I also have some assorted hub parts if you need anything, and enough cone washers, nuts, and washers to stuff a possum.
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