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im not usually one to judge... but

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who's the poser representin TTORA in fourwheel pimps magazine this month? anyone else get a chuckle at this 'readers rides' entry?
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not trying to be a dick, but i was just reading that like 55 seconds ago.... its cool he is a member, and has a great attitude towards his truck..but its kind of a sad representation of TTORA...of course we got blingtaco on the frontpage of this website...shit...damn....what a contrast....

I think you need to get a brushguard now also need someone on the inside to help get you in that mag...... :)...fuck...and shit and crapshit...what?

damn..Deanuage is taking over everyone...ahhhhhhhhhh
it also is a 4hweel parts mag as well.... so its a good representation of the cool stuff 4wps sells.... :0

get a brushguard already
this isnt a hardcore site.its a family oriented 4x4 site.... i think the mockery is set at 4wheelparts and the many negative experiences people have with them,..and the obvious way he made it into the magazine by pimping so much of their bling...
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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