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im not usually one to judge... but

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who's the poser representin TTORA in fourwheel pimps magazine this month? anyone else get a chuckle at this 'readers rides' entry?
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mudferret said:
There's some pretty damn hardcore prerunners kicking around, and not all are 2wd. If I lived near the desert I'd be driving a long travel beast.
You DO live in a desert...except it's a desert of snow instead of sand :p
mudferret said:
I don't live there anymore, but ironically, there were some nice sand dunes up around Yellowknife, when they weren't snow covered :eek:

BTW, any enviro contacts up this way? I've had shit luck trying to break into oil/gas, so I figure I should join the Dark Side ;)
No contacts that far north, but here are some observations of geologic consulting. The money is better in environmental but the "real geology" is in geotechnical (i.e. geology is maybe 30% of the job versus 10% for environmental). On the downside, geotech jobs slows down in the rain (at least in SoCal).
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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