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I want to turn the back of my truck into a microcamper for when go camping or when i just need to nap before classes.

I bought a used Leer camper shell for my truck for $400. Its in great condition and is exactly what I wanted, but it still needs some refreshening.

I already removed the rear window hatch and all the aluminum framing, but left the windows attached to the camper because they're on there really good so I thought I would just leave them alone. The aluminum framing was bent here and there so it had to come down. The inside light and brake light was broken sobi removed those as well. I scrubbed the inside really good so everything is nice and clean.

First opinion needed.... Insulation. I know many people use Reflectix and that's fine. I just want to some ideas on how to go about installing it? Ive seen people just glue it directly to the fiber glass and they'd just leave it like that. I dont think I'm ok with that. I'd really like a carpeted finish as the final look. Also, gluing reflectix directly to the fiberglass does almost nothing for insulating the area. I need some kind of air gap, Reflectix, and trunk carpet deal going on for best possible insulation/ look.

I was thinking about using some kind of open-cell foam as the air gap, with the Reflectix on top of that and the carpet on the Reflectix. How are some ways to go about getting all that up there? Just glue everything together? Would that last long? I dont want to ceiling to fall. I thought maybe there was a way to install some anchor point to kind of pin up the layers ate various points as an additional means of holding everything up? What are some ideas you all have?

I still have to paint it to match my truck. I bought some new seals etc already. I bought a universal room rack for the top of the shell as well because I want to install solar panels eventually. I have a lot of work to do. I want to get it all done as soon as possible.
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