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Infamous coilover clunk?

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I have a set of Kings on my truck right now and when I hit fairly large dips or go over speed bumps I get an annoying cluck from them. It almost sounds like it's the spring doing it. Are all coilovers known for this or just Kings? I talked to my friend who had Camburgs and he said his did the same.
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I just did the search and found this thread. It looks like we aren't the only ones having this problem. What it sound like to me is the spring binding on the upper or lower collar.
Donahoe said:
One really nice feature of The Donahoe Racing Coil-overs is our internal droop stop. It slows down the energy built up by the spring on compression that unleashes on rebound. Hence no clunk. That is all you are feeling. add some nitrogen and the clunk will be less. Not gone but less. hope that helps
I figured thats what it was. Oh well I guess I will have to live with it unless I get some money to get some Donahoe's.
Donahoe said:
Well for now just put a good charge in them. If they are still clunking give Brett King a call. He has always been very helpful with us and a really good guy.
But shouldn't they already be charged? I thought if you overcharged them it might blow a seal.
Donahoe said:
You can charge them right on the truck.. Infact if your anywhere near my shop swing in and we will charge them for you. It takes all about 10 seconds.
Just sent you a PM.
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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