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My UPS guy recommends a local business named "Safari Ltd." (Yeah my UPS guy was delivering springs, UCAs, winches, and all kinds of great stuff (Great for me, not for his back...) this week. He owns an FJ-40 so it seems, did not get a chance to ask him if he was involved with TTORA, or recruit him. Anyway, I'm wondering if anybody has any previous experience with Safari Ltd.? Toyota Truck shop located in Grand Junction. I currently go to Absolute Off-Road, and Scott is great, but I am one of his only Toyota customers, he specializes in Jeeps, and he has done everything perfectly so far. Guess I'm just looking to stick to a Toyota specialized shop if others have good things to say about them. I am going to run over there tomorrow and talk to them, if not impressed I'll stick with Absolute.

The website:

Sorry for rambling! :saw:
Any information would be appreciated.


Went by Safari Ltd., I'm not 100% sure but as they were wearing Toyota Uniforms, I believe they're an authorized Toyota service center...If so, they also are an ARB dealer, so if you're looking to get a lift/bumper put on check with them! Hugh is a very nice guy and is very knowledgable. Safari Ltd. installed the FJ trail teams ARB bumpers, and may have done other work on their FJ's as I did not ask. They seem fluent in all Toyota aftermarket parts. Total Chaos, All Pro, Man-a-fre...They have their stickers on the wall etc, and where fimilar with their products.

I unfortunately, am opting not to use them for work I'm having done. I would rather support a smaller shop that has done extremely good work for me (Not to mention Safari Ltd. is a bit more expensive...Maybe $20 an hour? If that...)

So just a place to keep in mind for folks wanting to get mods done.

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