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Gald to see you wanting to get into the sport. i wish that there was a chapter for my state that i could wheel with. i know you are looking for a nice looking truck that you can build up but most of these guys will tell you that you are going to get your feelings hurt bad the first time you take the truck out and slide into a rock or something. i would trust what most of these guys are telling you. the first truck that i had built up was an 89 and i had it for a long time( wish i still had it the build up process would be a lot cheaper for me) but i did a little checking around on EBAY and you can find some pretty chep truck that are probably in good condition. if i were to buy a truck off of ebay i would do some research and get a carfax report or something like it, ask the seller a bunch of questions and if it felt right bid on it. be careful there are people out there that are going to try and sell there no good junk to people on ebay but there are good honst people on ebay as well and looking from what i saw on there. there are alot of trucks around your area. ask the seller if you can come look at it, if he agrees and you know a person that knows alot about cars take him along. or if you get in good with the local chapter there mabye one of them might help you out. i don't know if they would but since you are new to the game mabye they would. but try to get a used truck looked at by a professional if possible. good luck and have fun on the trails
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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