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Interested but know nothing....

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Got my drivers license almost a year ago, I love to go Camping and Mountain Biking. Any chance I get to take my Car on any sort of Dirt, I take it "who am I kidding, I never get the chance". I am very interested in four wheeling, But dont have any knowledge, the right Vehical, or anyone to show me the ropes.

I found out about this site from the Episode of "Tough Truckin" on Spike TV. I have been recently been shoping for my dream truck, and have spent a fortune "in my head". I have an idea of what I want, but no idea of how to get it, how to put it together, or how to use it.

What would you guys suggest?
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Tacoma's are excellent trucks! Very good for hauling your bike to your favorite spot and also finding some new remote spots.

Set a budget or decide how you will finance. Once you know what you have to spend, start looking. Decide if you want a regular cab, extra cab, or double cab. Definitely get a 4x4, not a prerunner.

When you buy the truck, you can enjoy it right away without doing any modifications. I'm sure one of the Norcal guys or gals would even consult with you on the purchase.

Since you are new to the sport I would start with a newer vehicle. Older trucks are great if you are an experienced mechanic, have your own tools, and a place to wrech on them.

Good luck and check in often!
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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