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Interested but know nothing....

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Got my drivers license almost a year ago, I love to go Camping and Mountain Biking. Any chance I get to take my Car on any sort of Dirt, I take it "who am I kidding, I never get the chance". I am very interested in four wheeling, But dont have any knowledge, the right Vehical, or anyone to show me the ropes.

I found out about this site from the Episode of "Tough Truckin" on Spike TV. I have been recently been shoping for my dream truck, and have spent a fortune "in my head". I have an idea of what I want, but no idea of how to get it, how to put it together, or how to use it.

What would you guys suggest?
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seems like im screwed, i got a prerunner...... heck i love it just the same..... anyhow i had a old 90 2wd 90 nissan with an open rear, i lifted it 3 inches and ran 235/75r15's and went jsut about anywhere i wanted. and to the new guy, this sport is addicting plus its very broad so if u dont like one aspect theres always another, sum are rock crawlin guys, others mudders, others like snow, and some enjoy the desert, then u got the old country boy like me just tryin to have a lil fun when he gets the chance. so definately go on sum runs, we dont have a TTORA chapter in my state but i dont let the hinder me from havin fun off-road.
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