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I thought this was the best mod I've seen since owning my P/U. I searched far and wide and found different people using different switches. Slee Offroad uses a "Antenna UP DOWN" factory button.
looked for a while on yotatech's forum and found them using the electric mirror switch.

While I was at the junk yard picking out candidates for my seat transplant I had my very large tool bag good for beer cookies or concealing whatever else I may find in a junk yard. I found a few different swithces the one that will work the best is the "Rear Window up down" button out of a 4 runner. the wires go as follows.

Toyota----------> Warn Winch Controler

Redwire/ Blueline Brown+Red
Bluewire Black
Greenwire/ Yellowline White
Greenwire/ Blueline Green
Redwire/Yellowline Red+Brown

for now it will run as just plugging it into the box like usual until I figure out how to put a selector switch alowing me to switch between using the winch via remote or interior control.


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i bought one for $30 from a company tha makes them for ZUKIs
it works with my Warn M8000
I can send you a pic of my solenoid pack wiring
Warns need a little different connections

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anyone have any good write ups of how an in the cab winch controler setup
thinking of just cutting my plug in controler cable and using them wires to a Standard Momentary Rocker Switch - SPDT / (On)-Off-(On)
with another switch to kill power to the momentary switch?
is there a better way
oh its an xrc8 winch if that matters

here is a link to the momentary switch for $5
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