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I am thinking of selling my IROK (36x13.50x15 Bias ply) tires and going back to 35s with a narrower track. I just rub too much turning, flexing, and all kinds of things, so I think as opposed to getting out Mr. Sawsall, I want to keep the body in one piece and go back to 35's.

Asking $1,000.00 for the set (shipped) including certificates at Discount Tire Co.(they will transfer owners).

I would also consider a trade for a set of 35x12.50x15s of a similar tread left and quality (MTs, SSRs, MTRs, etc).

These tires are mounted and will be dismounted on purchase. Pictures are available close up, just pm me and ask for which pictures you want (close up, with a coin in the tread, sidewalls, etc). These tires were purchased a over a year ago now, bit my rig is a trailer only rock crawler and my son was born around then, so they probably have less than 250 miles on them.

Anyone interested? PM me.
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