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IRS Check= HP D44

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Well I finally got my IRS check today. No longer will my HP d44 have to sit in the garage. It felt so great to start ordering parts to finally build it up and install it. I also ordered a add a leaf to add to my Chevy leafs in the rear now that I got rid of the blocks. I never rotated my waggy knuckles so now finally the front driveshaft angle will be fixed and no more vibrations with the High pinion installed. Now I have just as good an excuse as any to go out this weekend and wheel the guts out of the waggy axle. Sorry but I just had to tell somebody the goodnews. I have been waiting forever to get the money to install this axle. And my wife just don't understand. She likes to wheel and all but she doesn't get excited like me about new truck parts. :D :D :D
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You both need to post some pics of your trucks!

I'm going to be joining the fullwidth club when I finally do my swap and I need to see what it looks like.


What is the deal with the one inner shaft when going with chromo axles? Which inner?

I can get part numbers for the Warn HD chrome/nickel alloy shafts for my axle for both inners and outers for both sides.

I might just get some stock spares and run the stock shafts if my whole insane outer plan works (Waggy spindles and hubs).
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Sweet. I have the all of the Ford parts, other than the carrier, and all of the Waggy shafts, brakes, and the spindles. I'm trying to decide on brakes (per the Corvette caliper thread that Bear is doing such a great job with). If the Corvette calipers won't work with a Waggy rotor, I'm going to need to figure out if Chevy rotors will fit on the Waggy hubs. Then I need to see if my Ford locking hubs fit into the Waggy hubs.

It's good to know that you fit all the Waggy stuff on the Ford axle. I just need to know how the Chevy stuff compares.

Thanks for the info!
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