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My buddy bj just keeps going crazy. I thought id share.

07 or 08 zx-10

gt28 BB turbo
built motor
geared now (something like 8 up he said)
and as of lastnight it has airshifter and 2 step. No lag out of the hole.

Right now its running 6psi and puts down just shy of 250 but if hes not in the 9's on wed. hes going for the 12 psi tune he built the motor for. He expects 280+

heres some pics.

Waiting on the new chain to be put on

so weird to watch a boost gauge on a bike

this is a big turbo for a 4cylinder car and on the bike its huge.

finished up putting the plastics back on

Had to pull it out for some 2step action...BTW when set how it will run at the track it will have less fire. The camera doesnt do it justice hurt my ears to be right next to it and had much more reving noise in person

a few more

this one sound the best....its like a gunshot every time that thing pops.
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