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Jawbone OHV area near Mojave, CA

Weather looks to be high 90s with mid 60s overnight.

The start of this route offers open riding with free camping and vault toilets. We'll head north staying on numbered roads inside Jawbone OHV area. The route climbs over 3000 feet to and traverses the southern slope of 5950-ft Gold Peak. You'll see abundant Joshua Trees and enjoy high desert views.

Soft sand and one steep hill climb. Any stock SUV with 4 wheel drive and moderate clearance can handle this trail. Take plenty of water(recommend 1 gallon per person per day). This is a great trail for new 4x4 owners who want to break-in their new toy or test their new upgrade. Nothing overly technical. So if you've already been on any official run, this run may not excite you. All vehicles can expect some "pin striping" from the trailside bushes.

STATS: Length loop measures 27.6 miles. Time: About 3 hours.

ROUTE: From LA area – I-405 North to I-5 North, to CA14. Follow CA14 to the town of Mojave, CA. Continue on highway 14 for about 21 more miles. Jawbone Station is on the left side of the road The waypoint for the junction of Hwy 14 and Jawbone Station is N35 17.983 W118 00.070.
Do not mistake it for Jawbone Canyon Store which is on the same side and about one half mile before Jawbone Station.

FUEL STOP: Gas up in Mojave, CA.

RECOMMENDED ITEMS: A recovery strap (no metal hooks on the ends), a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher, a Hi-lift jack, and a compressor to air tires up.

Although this is not an official TTORA trail run, alcoholic beverages may not be consumed before or during the period we are driving. This includes any food breaks. Please note that glass beverages bottles are prohibited in much of the traveled area.

DESERT TORTOISE: If we encounter a Desert Tortoise do not touch it or pick it up. It may cause it to lose its store of water and die. You may take pictures but not so close as to harass it. If it is on the trail we will need to wait for it to move across on it own. The Desert Tortoise is a threatened species and there is a $50,000 fine and up to a year in jail if harassed, harmed, etc.

The Mojave Ground Squire is protected by the State of California and listed as a threatened species. As such, the squirrels cannot be killed, harassed, collected, or trapped and their burrows cannot be destroyed. The Mojave Ground squirrels are active only in the spring and early summer. They return to their burrows in June and remain there until the following spring. The Mojave Ground Squirrel differs from the Antelope Ground Squirrel in having no stripe on its side. The Antelope Ground Squirrel is active year round.

All vehicles that have been used off-road must be cleaned prior to use on this trip to prevent the possible introduction and spread of noxious weeds. Make sure that all clumps of dirt and mud are washed from underneath your vehicle. You should also empty and clean your tents, packs and other gear to eliminate weed seed.

My group will be camping overnight and you guys are welcome to join us.

Meet time 12:00PM @ 28111 Jawbone Canyon Rd, Mojave, CA 93501. We should finish the run by 4:00pm. Please keep in mind the time to air up if you are not camping.

HAM: 144.450

I'll be in my GX and an FJ is joining me.

EMERGENCY INFORMATION: Dial 911 – (Activate EMS) or
Federal Interagency Communication Center 909-383-5651
California Highway Patrol – 323-906-3434
Ventura County Sheriff – 805-654-2380
Kern County Sheriff 661-245-3440
BLM Ridgecrest 760-384-5460
Poison Control 800-876-4766
Chemtrec 800-424-9300

Closest hospital for El Paso Mountains
Ridgecrest Regional Hospital -760-446-3551; 1081 N. China Lake Blvd, Ridgecrest CA 93555. Directions: going north on Highway 395, turn right onto South China Lake Blvd. The Hospital is approximately 7 miles down on the left hand side.
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