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It’s in a place like Moab, Utah where the open-air experience offered by the Jeep Wrangler makes a lot of sense.

The red rocks loom overhead, snow-capped mountains peer over the horizon and vegetation of all kinds sprouts from the ground, giving the occupants a lot to look at. Not to mention the fresh air that is a pleasure to breathe in.

That’s why the new Jeep Switchback is so compelling. Its custom half-doors and Safari hard top allow for the passengers to take in everything around them while cruising through wild country.

This is probably the most production-ready of all the 2017 Easter Jeep Safari project vehicles, as over half of the upgrades comes from Jeep Performance Parts, which means that consumers can walk into a dealership and take these parts home.
Read more about the Jeep Switchback: We Drive the Ultimate Open-Air Wrangler at
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