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just bought toyo 33/13.5/15's

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Just got myself a set of the new toyo MT's, they are nice and agressive, hold up pretty well in the mud, and feel great on the road. My roomate has had them on his superduty for some time and has been very pleased with them so i figured id give um a try................DAN
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great to see someone else is loving these tires. yes, they are most definitely a heavy tire, but as a 10 ply radial, that should be expected. the 37x13.5R22's on my runner supposedly weigh in at 110lbs a tire!!...yeah, real heavy the first few times you take em on and off. their offroad capabilities and great road mannerisms really are impressive though. i have not heard of nor seen a single person unhappy with these tires yet and would reccomend them to anyone. good to see you are diggin em, toss up a pic or two if you get a chance.

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