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I have been taking photos of all the mods i have done to my truck over the years. I had the intention of doing something with it all and never really got around to it.

Well I have made the first step. I just put up a new blog that currently consists of mostly photo posts (i will be adding descriptions, maps, and organizing the content over the next few weeks)

this is my generic 4x4 tag.

that tag will link to posts that are sort of related to offroading (road trips, trails, stupid things i have done and random events in my life related to offroading)

here is a tag that will have most of the modifications that i have done to the truck (2000 trd tacoma)

I have been making a bunch of google maps with routes and pins (click the pin for the image i took from that location etc.) that i will be adding to the road trip posts. if you go to the main blog page you can see the most recent post has one of these maps.

I spent the past few weeks getting content up (currently at 260 posts dating back a few years and lots more content that i still need to add) and this week i am going through all the posts adding descriptions and a short paragraph or two explaining the post in a bit more detail than the images can provide on there own.

I sure wish i took better photos of the build process of the truck but what can I do when I am covered in grease and can barely finish the job before sun goes down. I will be sure to make a better effort for any future mods and repairs.

let me know what you think and if there is a post you want me to start adding the text to first.

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