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K&N exhaust any good?

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I found the tacoma K&N exhaust on NWOR's clearance page for about $260, and couldn't resist that price for a stainless unit.

It arrived today, and looks pretty good- as good as the Borla on my Jeep, if not a little better.

The can has a slight 'z' bend on the inside pipe (think of a stretched out Z), and you can see through the muffler (straight through design).

Out the door cost was about $295 shipped, with CC surcharge. My other chice was an aluminized Gibson, but it would have cost me only 20 bucks less.

Does anyone here run this exhaust, or will I be the first? I figured if I hated the muffler, I could swap in a magnaflow and get a full stainless setup for cheap still.

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I remember seeing them advertised in the Performance Products catalog a few years ago- they were pretty expensive then.

My friend told me he thinks they were made by JBA, but isn't too sure.


Here's a few pics of the exhaust.

I cut the tip off to clear the rear shackles. We made the rear angle downwards also.

The K&N exhaust is quieter than the odler TRD/Borla exhaust.

You can hear it outside the truck at idle, but inside, it's real quiet below 1500 RPMs. There's hardly any drone at highway speeds either. This is a good exhaust for the older guys who want something more mellow.

It's 2.5" piping, mandrel bent, and my friend said the inside of the muffler looks al iot liek the TRD/Borla, so performance should be nearly identical. The K&N muffler probably just has more packing inside.

I forgot how bad it smells when all the crap burns off a new exhaust too!

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