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K&N exhaust any good?

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I found the tacoma K&N exhaust on NWOR's clearance page for about $260, and couldn't resist that price for a stainless unit.

It arrived today, and looks pretty good- as good as the Borla on my Jeep, if not a little better.

The can has a slight 'z' bend on the inside pipe (think of a stretched out Z), and you can see through the muffler (straight through design).

Out the door cost was about $295 shipped, with CC surcharge. My other chice was an aluminized Gibson, but it would have cost me only 20 bucks less.

Does anyone here run this exhaust, or will I be the first? I figured if I hated the muffler, I could swap in a magnaflow and get a full stainless setup for cheap still.

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1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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