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keeps breaking axels

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my buddy just installed a lockright in the, it keeps breaking axels(rh side).not even wheeling hard.we've replaced all a-arms bushings,all ball joints,rack bushings.
he has a fabtech/fox coilover and the right side knuckle seems to hit on the spring more than the left does.
any help would be appreciated.
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Mike said:
Less skinny pedal?

no, it just breaks. even on flat ground.he is running 36's tho...
we gonna try to wheel it tomorrow.but i dont have much confidence in his rig anymore.
TacoCrazy said:
Pretty common with a front locker in a IFS Taco..There's no where for the load to go when one wheel stops or slows down, unlike an open diff where the load transfers to the other side..That's the number one reason I'm still "open" in the front..
its not common in my taco, and i wheel the snot out of it.
Oppositeboy said:
pilot error? Tell your buddy to quit driving like an east coaster. :D :flipoff1:
i wish it was only driving style. but there must be something else mechanical..cant figure it out.
TacoCrazy said:
Inner or outer breaking??..
outers....ten characters yet....
blast from the past...
that truck got crashed long ago.
1 - 6 of 24 Posts
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