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keeps breaking axels

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my buddy just installed a lockright in the, it keeps breaking axels(rh side).not even wheeling hard.we've replaced all a-arms bushings,all ball joints,rack bushings.
he has a fabtech/fox coilover and the right side knuckle seems to hit on the spring more than the left does.
any help would be appreciated.
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Pretty common with a front locker in a IFS Taco..There's no where for the load to go when one wheel stops or slows down, unlike an open diff where the load transfers to the other side..That's the number one reason I'm still "open" in the front..
Really?..I have wheeled with many others that are locked and they break fairly regularly..Keep up the good work then..
Inner or outer breaking??..
Does seem odd if he's not doing much huh?? What about a bad wheel brg on that side?? Do you know if the rt wheel spins freely jacked up? Just a thought
Definatly a good point..The ones breaking them I was speaking about are both on 35's..Although...breaking them doing virtually nothing is a little odd..
1 - 5 of 24 Posts
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