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So... I was on here waaaaay back when, grew up in Southern California, and had a 99 Taco in high school. Mild desert style build, had a lot of fun with it. I sold it around 10 years ago, and in between had a 99 4runner, some cars, and now a 99 Land Cruiser (LX470).

After my wife took over my Land Cruiser, I figured it was time to get a fun toy for me again. I have been on the lookout for a clean Toyota for almost 6 months now. Finally found my ride!

1996 Tacoma, 2.7 manual 4x4, base reg cab. Its got some dings here and there, The frame does have some decent surface rust that will need addressing, but overall a good truck. Excited to get back in the game and have some fun with it!

Anybody else in Utah, lets go wheel!
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