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Ladder rack with Camper shell

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First time post. I have been to the local Truck/RV shop and the Local Canadian Tire Keystone supplier and no luck with this:

I need a ladder rack that is outside the bed to be able to put a camper shell underneath. The two retail outlets above were no help with finding such a rack.

I have looked thru the search function and can't find anyone here who has such a combination.

Basically I would like something like this: chucks taco

But on a new style Tacoma access cab. And it would be very nice if there were quick removal pins at the base of the rack that allow the rack to be removed without removing the cap. I would like to take off the rack when I don't need it and store in the backyard.

Anyone done this or have any info?


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Have you seen these racks? I just picked a used one this past winter and am going to mount it under my cap for a canoe/lumber....They sem very sturdy and it would only be 2 bolts per mount to remove it...
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