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Ladera Ranch Tacoma owners

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Who in Ladera is down for some 4wheelin? I know there was one guy but I forgot his name. My uncle and I go every other weekend (nothin to nuts) and I wanted to know if there were any south OCers that would be interested? Post an email address or email me and I will let you know when we go.
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[email protected]. I'm usually up for some 'wheeling, depending on the day it's on. You can call me to let me know when you're going next. 949-310-9527.
rojodiablo said:
I like your sig, the "real O.C." Just so you know, the real O.C. is 714. 949 is Caucasia. But, I like it all the same!!! I'm in HB, my cell is 714-801-5514. I'll go goof off anytime, or help you with your projects. Paul.

I've lived in socal since long before the "949'ers" were here, but Ladera Ranch is, unfortunately, the place I call home at this time. Not trying to start anything by putting "the real O.C." for my location, but was thinking of that stupid t.v. show when I did it. By the way, If you can weld, I could use some help with a couple small projects on my truck.
rojodiablo said:
I couldn't resist.... I HAD to take the cheap shot! :D Yes, I have a welder and the other stuff to make trouble, and I am always willing to help out! I saw that sig, and laughed..... Don't feel bad; it's all good!! Call me, or email me, or whatever. GO to Calico on the 9th of April!!! 714-801-5514. Paul.
Wish I could go to Calico, but the TDS event was my last for a couple months. Got a baby due in May. Hopefully I'll be able to do a few mods during the downtime. I'll be taking you up on that offer, though. Will give you a call.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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