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Ladera Ranch Tacoma owners

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Who in Ladera is down for some 4wheelin? I know there was one guy but I forgot his name. My uncle and I go every other weekend (nothin to nuts) and I wanted to know if there were any south OCers that would be interested? Post an email address or email me and I will let you know when we go.
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roctaco said:
[email protected]. I'm usually up for some 'wheeling, depending on the day it's on. You can call me to let me know when you're going next. 949-310-9527.
I like your sig, the "real O.C." Just so you know, the real O.C. is 714. 949 is Caucasia. But, I like it all the same!!! I'm in HB, my cell is 714-801-5514. I'll go goof off anytime, or help you with your projects. Paul.
12Tweeter12 said:
I've gone to Holy Jims has anyone been there? It's in Trabuco Canyon its more of a trail so don't worry you won't hurt your pretty little truck :)
That is more like a little mud hole than a trail. I remember when they used to have the whole mountain open.... THAT was fun!!! Outside of Temecula, and near Lake Elsinore are some fun places to play, with enough room to stretch. Not much room for higher speed stuff anymore locally....
12Tweeter12 said:
Yeah that place used to be a lot better, it is a mudhole lol. Where do you go outside of Temecula?
Headed out on 79 east, toward Indio. There is an area on the right side that is a fair mix up of terrain. More importantly, it has dirt bikes on it and trucks frequently, and is not posted. It burned a few years back, but it had some decent stuff. Still kinda small. North of here, East of Lake Elsinore is a huge hilly area, and there are trails and some access points just off the freeway. Watch for dirt bikes! It's one of those things.... take some extra gas one day, and go trolling for open areas. Out near Indio are some small BLM plots, but not much good for a truck... more like a mini bike area. There is a TON of BLM land near Dulzura, Ca. That's way south, near the border. Where all those huge fires were a year ago. Hills and trails all over the place. Many places are going to be paint strippers due to the rain..... MUCHO MACHO plant growth. Mex is UNREAL right now. Plants blooming everywhere. Also, there is the ORV area on Ortega hwy. It is pretty tame, a good jumping off point. 90% of it is handicapped friendly...(2wd) A nice scenic tour, and if it is muddy, a LOT more fun and challenging.
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ocdp2000 said:
im down to go next weekend but i have a prerunner. i can still get around ok with just my locker. some mud etc.. sounds fun.
Man, you've been threatening, are you ready to jump in??? It sounds like you're happy with your truck now.... time to go get it dirty!!! Calico is coming!!
roctaco said:
I've lived in socal since long before the "949'ers" were here, but Ladera Ranch is, unfortunately, the place I call home at this time. Not trying to start anything by putting "the real O.C." for my location, but was thinking of that stupid t.v. show when I did it. By the way, If you can weld, I could use some help with a couple small projects on my truck.
I couldn't resist.... I HAD to take the cheap shot! :D Yes, I have a welder and the other stuff to make trouble, and I am always willing to help out! I saw that sig, and laughed..... Don't feel bad; it's all good!! Call me, or email me, or whatever. GO to Calico on the 9th of April!!! 714-801-5514. Paul.
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