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Outback said:
Didn't know that Chris. My local Land Cruiser club the GCC, Green Country Cruisers, a TLCA chapter is open to any Toyota 4x4 like the TTORA. We didn't change our name since 99% are 'Cruisers. 1 4Runner, a minitruck, etc. I'm not sure if the whole of the TLCA isn't "any Toyota 4x4". I think that's up to each chapter to decide.

I was just thinking out loud and since I'm a long time member of for my 'Cruisers that a LC forum here would be redundant since there is SOOOO much information at 'mud. I don't care one way or the other. I have both, LC and Taco. Toyota to the bone.

Yeah, most clubs have gentrified from thier origins to try & lure more users, thus luring more sponsorship $$.

As far as TLCA goes, they are now open to all as you said. And technicallly, a TLCA club would have a hard time refusing someone who was eligble to become (or already was) a TLCA member. But you know as I do there's a fair amount of xenophobic snobs in TLCA, and you're right- local chapters have a lot of leeway/autonomy in selection. I think this is one reason TLCA stagnated for so long- you'd get a club of 30 or so uppity types who viewed it as thier private country club.

One of the reasons TTR came into existence- for every one LSLC member who wanted us to join with them, there were two manicured Highland Park doctors/lawyers/soccer dads who "wheel" (read:camp out to drink without the wife's nagging) once a year and worry about which portable satellite dish or camping potty/shower will be thier next 'off-road' mod. Those guys that don't like us are really just jealous that they can't let themselves go...

That being said, TTR is proud to be the red-headed stepchild/retarded cousin of TLCA! We remind them of what they could do if they wanted....
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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