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Leaf spring lift sizes ??

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I have ordered AOR springs to copy the Rancho 44044 2.5 inch lift for the front and am wondering if anyone knows what size lift spring I will need for the rear for a Tacoma. Thanks for any info anyone might be able to give me...Thanx

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i run the 63" chevy springs with an add a leaf and a little longer shackle in the rear and the truck sits level. im not sure how long the shackles actually are but i can get some measurments if needed. i run the 44044's up front.
its actually just another leaf from superduty leaf pack that i had laying around the shop, i have no clue how much lift i have but it sits level and my frame is 24.5" from the ground, measuring from under the body mount that is below the front of the doors, thats with 39.5's.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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