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Leaf Spring Question

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I have a broken leaf spring on my early 97 Tacoma 4x4 ext. cab. I called around, the the local salvage yards have nothing to fit it. But they did say that I couldn't put anything from a late 97- 05 spring on because it wouldn't work.

Does anyone know if all the leaf springs are the same for my '97 to say a '02 or an '05?

I can get a pair for a 2002 on Ebay, but I want to make sure they will fit first.

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boophoenix said:
If it's the right side I have a leaf pack from wheelers I'll give you never installed.

So you have some leaf packs available that will fit and work?

Send me an email to let me know what we can work out.


[email protected]
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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