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Leaf Spring Question

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I have a broken leaf spring on my early 97 Tacoma 4x4 ext. cab. I called around, the the local salvage yards have nothing to fit it. But they did say that I couldn't put anything from a late 97- 05 spring on because it wouldn't work.

Does anyone know if all the leaf springs are the same for my '97 to say a '02 or an '05?

I can get a pair for a 2002 on Ebay, but I want to make sure they will fit first.

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Which leaf was it. I lost the third one down on my 96 on the left side. The others are still fine I think other than the shackle bushing. The bushing will need to be replaced if it's the main as my shckle was frozen in and I like to have never got it out. If it's the right side I have a leaf pack from wheelers I'll give you never installed.
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