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Okay, so I got to looking at re-doing my rear suspension since it looks as though i have the infamous "shock denting" going on. it wouldn't hurt to get a little more flex but my main issue is the preservation of the shocks........ besides i think there's something else limiting my droop/articulation in my setup anyways????(droop looks to be the same with my shock disconnected.....and not as good as some other trucks i've seen here)

well i got to looking at the rockstomper ubolt flip kit since it has the lower mount integrated but after looking carefully i realized that with a 2" lift block, it would actually force me to use shorter shocks??? i know rockstomper can provide the longer ubolts to accomodate for the blocks but am wondering if they change the shock mount as well? right now i have RS5180 and RS5144(might have both RS5144? can't remember right now) and im looking to get CB 1" lift shackle in addition to my 2" lift blocks.

hmmmm, i think i need to just try the shock spacer mod :confused:
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