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lift and tire size help

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Alright I am lookin for a little help on this I am a newbie. I want to put a lift on and I am thinking bout goin with a 3.5 from fabtech but i am also tryin to fit 33s are these gonna fit? I am also thinkin maybe 32s would be okay as well. I also want to go with a 17'' or possibly an 18'' wheel. Like a 17x9 or an 18x9. I don't want my truck to look gay so the more rubber the better so an 18'' might look good with a 33 or a 17'' might look good with a 32 etc. Anybody got any advise for me let me know thanks Dave
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Aight man it all depends on the backspacing of the rim and the width of the tire. 33x12.50's on 18x9"s are going to hit. The only way your going to get away with running that tall of a tire is to go with a rim that has backspacing like the stock rim has and then your 12.50" wide tire will probladly hit the upper arm. Go for alil skinnier tire and I think you will be ok.
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