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lift and tire size help

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Alright I am lookin for a little help on this I am a newbie. I want to put a lift on and I am thinking bout goin with a 3.5 from fabtech but i am also tryin to fit 33s are these gonna fit? I am also thinkin maybe 32s would be okay as well. I also want to go with a 17'' or possibly an 18'' wheel. Like a 17x9 or an 18x9. I don't want my truck to look gay so the more rubber the better so an 18'' might look good with a 33 or a 17'' might look good with a 32 etc. Anybody got any advise for me let me know thanks Dave
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Why not run 20's on it??? It's a street queen, so go the pavement posuer route. It will go round a corner well. Try custom taco's, and do a search for trucks that don't touch dirt. Or, 4x4 builder mag. HAH!
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