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Fellas the tax man isn't giving me any cash back so i have to re vamp my lift options.
1. ome 881 , comfort shocks for the front, or would it be best to go with bils instead.
2. bils or ome on the rear with shackles on stock leafs for the time being due to cash.
3. if I go with an ome 881 for my 2 inch lift how many inches should my shackles be to keep my 01 xrtacab level. not really feel'n the rake look.
Any input would be great thanks, or other lift options

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About a 1.5" or 1.25" shackle would do... But since they don't make those, you may just want to save up for a deaver AAL.

I would do OME's with the 881's. The ome's are valved for thier coils, and the bilstiens are not...

For the rear, Bills would do just fine (HD if you are going with the AAL)
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