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Lift Spindles for 2wd Toyota Pickup

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As of 4-27-14 I can still make these if you get me 2 pairs of stock spindles (4 total, 2 lefts 2 rights makes 1 pair) and $300. I ceaned out the junkyards around here.

Custom made lift spindles for 95 and older 2wd 5lug toyota pickup 3" of lift, 1.5" wider per side. works with stock arms, aftermarket arms

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Were these for the 6 lugs or 5 Lugs?
5 lug
hey dude how many have you sold? and can i get a structural opinion on these? anyone else buy some?
My friend is running them on his 94, and I would bet that they are stronger than the fabtek ones.
well if they are stronger than the fagtech ones then thats good enough for me. so i take it your a metal fabricator. so then i might want to pick up a set. i have a spare set of spindles just i dont have 350 lying around. how long do you plan on selling them? and were is yucca valley? im in san bernardino. thanks and have any more pictures?
I plan to make more an dkeep on making them. Yucca is about an hour from san bernardino
2 pairs of stock spindles and cold rolled plat
so 4 spindles and plate? Sounds sturdy. I'll let you know when I get some cash to get them.
yeah, They make me wish I had one of these trucks just so I could put them on it.
u should make some spindles for 01-04 id buy them
I would, but I need some stock ones ot mess with and build them from
There are other fabicated spindles out there for these trucks. We also make them. I don't want to hijack so I will leave it at that.
I sold this set, but I should have another set done by monday.
dude can you get pictures of the spindles on your friends truck and how they look?
It has been a wile but I have another set ready and here they are on a truck with sagging torsion bars and it's not a good pic but you get the idea

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so thats lifted 3 inches in the front? but i see those are the stock wheels and tires which have no offset. look good i just got to scrounge some money to get some.
I still make these but i can't find any more stock spindles around here to use. So if anyone want a pair I can do them if you get me 2 pairs of stock spindles and $300. I ceaned out the junkyards around here.
2 pairs and 300 bucks?you mean like 4 spindles or just 2?
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