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Lights behind grill?

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I'm debating whether I want to put lights on a prerunner bumper up front or behind my grill. I'm thinking about Hella Black Magics which I believe are something like 3" deep. I'd rather put them behind the grill so I don't risk breaking them or getting them stolen off the bumper. I'm just curious as to whether this really affects light output or whether it poses problems in terms of clearance with radiator and such. I know I've seen a lot of trucks with lights behind the grill but alot of them are street queens - I'm actually gonna need these lights. By the way I have a billet grill. Input?
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Matt said:
I've got a pair of those exact lights but mine are on the front of my bumper. The grille on the Tacos has pretty wide bars on it so it's going to cut down on the light for sure.
I have a billet grille which will allow more light through I think. Actually, I'm thinking I'm gonna go with the Hella 500s, considering they're like $130 cheaper than the Black Magics.
bkandrus said:
I found my 500's on Ebay for 50 bucks plus 15 for shipping.. got them brand new and I love em.. Just hope you don't have a cracked lense too soon as they are about 20 to get em replaced. ;)
Yah my friend has them and I was really surprised at how bright they are. Now I just need to figure out if I'm gonna lose half that light by putting them behind my grill....
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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