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Lights/Brush Guards/Noobie Questions

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I'm new to this forum (obviously), so please forgive if this thread is in the wrong place. I wasn't entirely sure where to put at after perusing the forums for a good hour and a half. Well, onto the meat.

I have an '01 4wd Xtracab SR5 V6 5-speed that is completely stock but for some regular old BFG ATs and a bed topper. At the moment, I just use it to haul my crap between Texas and Wyoming, where I go to school. I do, however, do light offroading (wouldn't mind doing more :)) every now and then, for both 'business' (dirt roads, fields, potentially mud while doing archaeological field work) and more frequently pleasure. At the moment, I'm looking into fog lights and perhaps more front end protection for my Taco. There's a lot of deer here in Wyoming (and other things to run into), and a brush guard deflecting a poor doe's head from the headlights and grill of a friend's Chevy left an impression on me. I also don't particularly want to drill holes in my bumber for light mounts. So, I suppose my question is what brands/types/etc. you fine people might recommend for someone who doesn't have the most money in the world but would like a little more there to protect his beloved Taco from more damage (just recently got it back from the body shop after a fun rollover on the freeway, danged ice).

After that, I also have a few noobie questions about the 4wd system on my truck. I always stop to shift into 4wd, as I wasn't sure if it was shift on the fly or not. Is this the correct procedure, or does it matter? Also, the safest top speed while in 4hi. The manual says 50, so I havn't gone above that, nor do I usually cruise for any length of time above 30. Are higher speeds safer for shorter durations, or is it a matter of increased wear/tear? Anyways, I'll leave it at that for now, thanks for the input.
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Welcome aboard!
Where in TX are you from-
Anyways -
Brushguard- they are pretty much cosmetic light holders rather than structural protection- If you think your friends Guard left an impression ..think of the impression left in your hood as the brush guard folds in, possibly taking out your headlights in the process. That's why they(most) are referred to as brush guards instead of cattle guards.
- Not sure on your insurance/rollover situation - but if you have money left over- I would have spent it on an aftermarket bumper- Take a look at the TJM bumpers-
- I paid $500 shipped for my ARB Bullbar replacement bumper- compare that to ~$300 for a fancy Brush/grillguard.
- Instead of spending on the brush guard- save it toward a bumper

Shift on the Fly-
You can shift from 2hi into 4hi while moving - (NOT 4LO)
As far as top speed- consider this- If you NEED 4Hi - Snow /hvy rain - should you be driving that fast?.....But yes you can go >50mph in 4HI
Sturmvogel said:
and that wouldn't be enough to buy nerf bars let alone a new bumper.
For now, I'll probably just mount some lights on the bumber then. Not that big of a deal. Are all lights created equal? I'd prefer to go for quality the first time then waste money on a stop-gap.

I have a set of black Nerfs that I can sell (they fit Xtracab or Doublecab)

I used to have llights mounted on my bumper- Lotta vibration- but they worked

As far as lights narrow down to fog or driving as well as a price range-
My bro & I run Hella 500's and they work fine.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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