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Cheap! I have quite a few slings. They are all tagged out from work for failing visual inspection; ie they have holes or nicks in the outer nylon. The actual lifting nylon/ dyneema strand is undamaged. The outer skins are good; I cut up and destroy the ratty ones.
These are the 'I'm not phucking around' grade of lifting slings for crane operations.
Several lengths, the red ones are 12' continuous loop, vertical pull is rated at 13,000lb. I have pushed them to much, much higher weights testing them.....
The yellow ones are 10' loop. I think maybe I have a few of the smaller ones like greens, which are 6'.

They are heavy as hell for what they are. I don't want to ship them. If you'd like some of them, figure a way to get near HB. $20 for the reds, $15 for the yellows. Paul.:)
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