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Local shop extends special rate on the install of front/rear R&P Motive Gears – Los A

Hello fellow members,

I wanted to share a pricing discount with other TTORA members that live in/near the San Gabriel Valley (SoCal) area; especially if you are looking for competitive pricing on the installation of Motive ring and pinon (R&P) gears. The offer includes matching set (front/rear) Motive R&P, master installation kits (2) w/ Timken or Koyo bearings, and labor for $1,200 (plus tax). Just tell Mr. Fermin Lara that “Rich” sent you.

Lara & Sons Differentials
1623 Compton Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90021
(213) 749-9168
Email: [email protected]

Sidebar: I went with Motive Gear because their products have proven themselves for ~65 years in multiple automotive arenas. I researched the other brand(s) popular with members of this forum, but did not find a whole lot of relevant automotive history with those companies; and no company address (distributor address did not count….).

Parts list of what I had installed on my: 2003 Tacoma V6 5VZFE EFI DLX ATM 4WD with rear E-locker; after dropping it off.

Parts list for 4.88 gear upgrade:
TAC488IFS (front) ring diameter 7.5”
Master install kits (front & rear)
T488[V6] (rear)* ring gear diameter 7.8”
Gear oil

*Collateral info for the Tacoma cognoscenti:
My stock gears were 4.10 (n=41t on ring & n=10t on pinion), ring gear diameter 7.8”, rear pumpkin (OEM part #41110-35860, gear kit #41201-801179) with stock E-locker used the 10 bolt ring pattern (instead the of 12 bolt); bolts were 11mm x 1mm (OEM part #90101-11353). Note: ring gear diameter for 1st Gen Tacoma without e-locker should be 8.25”, 12 bolt pattern. Glad not to have purchased Motive TAC488 online; it would’ve been the wrong part number and delayed my project.
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