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ckkone said:
NE1 know where I can find a install tutorial ( of one of these being installed in a non-trd taco rear end.
Lockrights are pretty easy. Here's a writeup for a dana 44 front.

Taco rear is pretty similar. Basically, disconnect the brake lines. Drain the gear oil. Take off the e-brake stuff. Unbolt the four axle flange bolts. Take the rear axles out, be gentle to the seals. Unbolt the driveshaft. Unbolt the diff.

From there on, it's all pretty much the same.


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the hardest part is drilling out the cross pin hole. I kept drilling it, afraid to go too deep. It is really in there! The cross pin is stainless, so don't worry about putting a hole through it, chances are you will only be able to scratch it. Another FYI, make sure your drive couplers are splined, I took my axle all the way down before discovering that the Lock Right was not splined from the factory. Talk about aggravation....

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