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long travel IFS

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If money were no option (by the way it is...) what IFS lift kit offers the best flex? I'm talking real numbers like inches of up and down travel. Thanks!
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YoTRacer158 said:
so are camburg/total chaos the only ones that will retain the 4wd? or can you still run 4wd w/ esb and velocity?
I don't know about with ESB, but the Velocity link posted above states:

"96-03 Toyota Tacoma/Tundra 2WD/4WD Front End Long Travel Suspension
2wd will clear a 35" tire and cycle 20"
4wd will clear a 35" tire and cycle 18"
+5" per side
Zero Bumpsteer
Kit Price: $4100.00"
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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