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LONG weekend, but it's done! ARB, Winch, Downey CO's, Pics

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This was not a one man job, but, I did it my damn self anyway.

Started putting things together Friday night, then installed the Downey Coil Overs (easiest part of all), and The NWOR 1 1/2" Shackles and KYB gas adjust shocks (moved inboard 1/2") on Saturday.

On Sunday, Installed the ARB and Warn M8000 winch, along with the Piaa 80 Pro XT's.

The ARB was a gold plated bitch to do by myself, especially since it seems nothing wanted to line up right. ARB's instructions were not that great, and to top it off, at max adjustment, I'm still about 1/4 inch off center on the bumper. Nobody but me would notice, but it irks me nonetheless.

Here's the pre-picture, last weekend out hunting. (Could have used the winch that trip).

Here's the post "wrech-a-thon weekend" pics.

I like it. Ended up with 1.5" lift all the way around. The Downeys are Smoooottthhhhh. I hope that smooth does not translate into soft once I get it back in the dirt though. I don't have an area around to wheel it, so I did a little urban wheeling, hitting speed bumps at speed, and dropping over some curbs. Wow, is this what a real suspension is supposed to feel like? I had a non-trd tacoma, so I had a real bare bones suspension on there. The on road feel is without a doubt superior to the non-trd tacoma suspension.

Dropped the rear tail pipe support down one bolt for a 1" drop. I'm hoping that's all I need, I'll see. Have not done the BPV valve bracket yet, I'll hit that tomorrow. Brake line is pending, as well as a decent washing. All I've done is hose it off since last week, but she's purty to me! It will continue to make for a kick ass hunting / exploring truck.
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Man, your Tacoma sure cleans up nice. What kind of bumper lights are those?
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