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I am after some maps for a visit to the USA and Canada. My program (Oziexplorer) can import KML and GPX files. Not driving but spending a lot of time on a cruise and trains with some buses thrown in as well. I need to carry a laptop for the photos and since it has a GPS antenna we would like to track our 7 week trip on the laptop. It's for a blog as well.

Can anyone help. The trip is Vancouver, Rocky mountaineer, the inside passage up to Alaska. Then down to SF and a train and bus to Las Vegas and up to Grand Junction. The straight across to Chicago, Niagara, NY and ends in Washington. Visiting a ham in that area for a while them home to Australia. It's a bucket list tour. Been waiting for years.

So, can anyone help with digital maps (GPX or KML format)?


PS Whats a trackback?


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